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Window Tinting Services

Professional High-Quality Residential, Commercial and Automotive Window Tinting Services

At Tint Squad, we provide Professional and High-Quality Residential, Commercial and Automotive Window Tinting Services to customers across Waterford, Orion Charter Township, Oakland Township, Farmington Hills, Commerce Charter Township, Troy, West Bloomfield, Brandon Township, Rochester Hills, Shelby Township and the surrounding areas.

Automotive Window Tinting

In Automotive Applications, Window Film offers a variety of benefits. All of our film lines offer protection from >99% of UV rays and they are all color-stable.

Commercial Window Tinting

Besides the obvious benefit of Window Film enhancing the look of your store front, what are some of the added benefits of investing in Window film for your business?
An investment in Window Film for your business not only makes it aesthetically pleasing to potential customers, it will also give them added privacy and security.

Residential Window Tinting

When you’re sitting in your home, what kinds of things are important to you? Privacy? Comfortability? Protecting your loved ones and possessions?

Installing Window Film could not only stop peering eyes, it also makes the glass resistant to shattering. Residential window Tinting carries a 30-year warranty and is easier to maintain than blinds or curtains

Automotive Paint Protection Film

We offer Xpel Paint Protection Film, it comes in matte and gloss finishes. It’s an 8 mil, clear film that protects your paint against scratches, chips, salt damage, UV damage, etc. With self healing properties, that are activated with sunlight or heat from the motor.


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