Residential Window Tinting in Waterford, MI.

Window tinting experts at Tint Squad offer professional and high-quality House Window Tinting. We serve customers all over Waterford, Orion Charter Township, Oakland Township, Farmington Hills, Commerce Charter Township, Troy, West Bloomfield, Brandon Township, Rochester Hills, Shelby Township and the surrounding areas.

When you're sitting in your home, what kinds of things are important to you? Privacy? Comfortability? Protecting your loved ones and possessions? What if I told you that Window Tint can help you with all of those things and more? Window film in your home could quite possibly be one of the best investments you ever make.

For starters, installing Window Film could not only stop peering eyes, it also makes the glass resistant to shattering. Residential window Tinting carries a 30-year warranty and is easier to maintain than blinds or curtains, making it the superior choice for your privacy needs. Film also protects the interior of your home, all of your possessions, and most importantly, you and your family from damaging UV rays. Your investment in window tint for your Home Windows may also lower your electric bill in the summer by taking strain off of your HVAC system which will prolong its life and help you to avoid costly repairs.

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